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Support quality education in Mali

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The Complexe Scolaire Youchaou is an private academic campus located in Kalaban-Coro Nerekoro in Bamako, Mali. It is comprised of a primary school, a high school and a vocational school. 

Centre Professionnel Youchaou (CPY)

Youchaou Professional Center is a private vocational school. It falls under Academy of Kati. It is located Kalabancoro-Nerekoro, around the airport area of ​​Bamako. Students can attain a: Professional Aptitude Certificate (CAP) and technical certificate (BT).


Built on an area of ​​2000 m² with a metal carpentry workshop fully equipped with modern tools, CPY opened since September 15, 2011, with its first class in accounting: Bookkeeper (CAP) registered as private.



Being an institution of reference in education and training at a national and international level.



  • Promote high quality teaching focused on learning and results.

  • Make the school a friendly environment for learning and the development of the mind.

  • Cultivating excellence and responsibility in students.



  • We develop trust, teamwork and accountability among stakeholders.

  • We ensure respect for the human person and value the merits.

  • We ensure discipline and punctuality. 

  • We develop various frameworks for exchanges and consultations between the parents / students and us.












Lycée El Hadj Karim Traoré (L.E.K.T)

Opened in 2007 Karim El Hadj Traoré High School is one of the most serious high schools for education in Mali. There is a reference in the Region Koulikoro. The LEKT has experienced success with the Vat copies, ranking first in the Koulikoro academy and participating in three (3) times in the night of the excellence of ICG / Koulikoro . It was also the first of the competition "Allons en France" 2010 edition. 

Ecole Privée Youchaou (EPY)

Youchaou Private School is a secular school. It has a workforce of pupils divided between thirteen classes. This is one of the first private nonprofit schools to initiate a sponsorship program to support the education of underprivileged children.The education of these students is fully supported by the sponsors. The quality of education received in Youchaou Private school earned it the distinction of being the best school of all common Kalaban-Coro.

Strengths of  "EPY"

  • The quality of its human resources due to the continuous training of personnel.

  • The constant introduction of innovative tools in teaching in classrooms.

  • The involvement of parents in school management through the CGS.

  • The constant desire to provide public utility services through the sponsorship of the disadvantaged.











Collaboration with our partners 

We have an excellent relationship with our partners including the CAP, the Academy, the Department, national and international partners including the Orange Mali Foundation, Islamic Relief and friends of Oneonta (USA) .We have a School Management Committee very active and dynamic part in all decision-making related to school. Our technical and financial partners involved in the management of school fees of a poor many students in the area, the construction of school infrastructure, provision of school supplies and teaching materials.

Info on scholarships in Turkey

On February 2nd, 2014 the director and some employees of of Horizon College, a special partner of Youchaou school group, visited LEKT High School. After visiting classes the college's Director reitereated their commitment to helping LEKT send Malian students to Turkish universities.  


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