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Conférence " Le Prix de l’excellence"AN EXCEPTIONAL CONFERENCE - EPY NEWS APRIL 2018

AN EXCEPTIONAL CONFERENCE - EPY NEWS APRIL 2018 On Saturday, April 14, 2018 took place in the courtyard of El Hadj Karim Traore High School (LEKT), the last School Motivation Conference of the school year 17-18 on a series of three scheduled at the beginning of the school year. This last conference, on the theme of "The Award of Excellence" as the two previous ones, was animated by the brilliant young speaker Mr. DOUMBIA N'TYI. Its purpose was: • Nourish the desire to excel constantly in learning; • Cultivate the spirit of competitiveness to create the difference in different subjects; • Cultivate the desire to always do better than others; • Stop finding a compromise with mediocrity; • Refuse to settle for meager results by fighting for the best; • Always set the most ambitious goals to achieve in life. After the welcome address of the ICAR Director Ibrahim Traoré acting on behalf of DG Youchaou Traoré, Paris, EPY Director Fadiama Dembélé gave a brief presentation of the good results recorded since the beginning of this year. school. Then it was the turn of our motivational speaker, Professor of Personal Development, Business Law and Coach courses at ISPRIC and the Youchaou School Complex to impress the audience by developing them on points like: •. Price as a condition of excellence; • interest in excellence; • repetition in apprenticeship; • patience in the effort; • correction of errors; • The prize as a reward for excellence, • Notes and averages; • The Honor Roll and Scholarships; • intelligence and creative imagination; • Academic success and professional success.

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